EQ – Is Drawing With A Stitch Order In Mind Important?

EQ_Stitch_OrderI’m sure it is something you think about when your about to start drawing or are drawing your blocks, but I’d like to show you the reasons that working with any type of stitch order while drawing is important.

This video gives you an idea of why drawing via how the block should be stitched together is important and changes you might have to make when you don’t follow a stitch order.

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Little Treasures November 2014

LT11-2014wbWell she’s finally online and ready for you to download…

Little Treasures November 2014 was created by Marian Pena and the artwork was purchased at Graphics and Graphics.

She was drawn in Electric Quilt and the embroidery created in Bernina Designer Edition.

This is like all the others a 15-Inch block.

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We Support You Drops In Today…

We Support You Blog HopI didn’t have to think about this one, the moment I saw it announced at Sew We Quilt, I knew I wanted to participate.

It’s a good thing at the moment that I don’t have anyone personal close to me who has cancer, but I know what it is like to see someone go thru it.

My grandmother was a huge part of my life and one of my biggest inspirations when I was a child. Growing up, I can remember her living with various health problems as she got older. She to went thru breast cancer in her early 60’s. She seemed to come thru it at the time quite well and I don’t ever remember with all her health issues of her ever complaining even one moment of pain she was suffering.

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Apologies to all…

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to take a moment and apologize. It’s been two months since I last posted. I realize you were waiting for Little Treasures to finish up and for that I am sorry it hasn’t been posted.

The day after my last post on Dec 8th, I found out that my credit card info had been stolen. It took just over a week to get that all straightened out, but my bank was a godsend getting the money back into the account as soon as it could. It’s not easy because we can’t just walk into the bank to fix the problems, everything had to be faxed and mailed to us for the signatures and such. Just as I got that all fixed I had two reports of malware on this site in my email. It’s a very scary thing to realize that people can just send a file into your host and have it send you somewhere else, or take your information. I didn’t want anyone visiting my site until I knew the problem was fixed, so that went on for several weeks. I now have placed scanning plugins into the site itself to scan for malware. For those of you just checking your websites out on virus scanners like I did before, don’t trust it, add your site on google’s web developer service and have it run a scan if you don’t want to use plugins. It will tell you what files need to be fixed on your site. I still run google, because they ultimately will shut me off like they did before if malware is found.

So, I was writing the post for Little Treasures (it’s half way done) and I went to take a final picture for the site of the dolls. I needed to give them a little iron, so I was ironing and somehow when I lifted the iron it fell out of my hand, and I grabbed it with my other hand not even thinking in the process. Suffice it to say, the hand was burned badly and I couldn’t do a thing with it for the last month. The doctor has cleared me now to sit in front of a pc for hours at a time and sew again, so all is good on that front.

I have a blog hop obligation on Monday, tuesday Little Treasures October and November will be online.  With December to follow within the week. I still need to do some writing on the documentation for December, but it won’t take so long.

I wish to thank you all for concerns, the time you took to write me and I do again humbly apologize, I didn’t post because at the time I didn’t want anyone visiting my site during the malware thing and I probably should have posted, but I wasn’t thinking about how to handle all that and when I hurt my hand I then just couldn’t post.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding,



Little Treasures October & November

Little Treasures October Hi Everyone, I know I am running very late, far later than I’d anticipated. So many things going on and so little time to give the proper time to Little Treasures. However, I have been working on these dolls for the last week now, and October and November are almost ready to be posted. I thought I’d keep you aprised of what’s been going on so you know they are coming.

Since my participation in last months blog hop, I have had issues with my embroidery machine, and then my computer itself. I’ve been crazy trying to get everything figured out. While I consider myself somewhat knowledgable about computers, sometimes some things go wrong that are just beyond my comprehension. As a for instance, I have 3 hard drives on my desktop. (I use a desktop, I don’t own a cell phone) I don’t use my laptop as it just doesn’t have enough ram necessary for me to work comfortably. So, two of those hard drives all of a sudden started acting like the one I lost last April/May, they’d disappear, and reappear when I would restart the desktop. In other words, not a reboot, I had to shut it off and turn it back on to get them to show up. So I realized I needed to get some of the data backed up quickly. So I started working on that, ordered two new drives to replace the ones I was losing and hoped I wouldn’t lose anything while I waited for the new ones. Turns out, that it wasn’t the drive that was the problem, but the cables hooking the hard drive to the motherboard. I didn’t even discover it until I went to place the new drives in the desktop and one of the drives wouldn’t show up at all. So, what a hassle, I certainly hope that 2015 brings less pc problems and more time for sewing. Anyway, since getting my pc put back together, I’ve been working on the dolls and trying to get them finished. I am really hoping to have them online by wednesday of this week. We will see, I will put both October and November up at the same time, and next week should be December’s block.

Would you like a sneak peek at November’s block? Check it out…

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Twas The Night Before Starts & Arrives Today…

TwasthenightbuttonIt’s that time here again at Seams To Be Sew.. Welcome To Twas The Night Blog Hop, brought to us by Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader for this hop is Marlene.

I can’t possibly imagine all the work Marlene had herself in for with this hop. Coordinating all those regions of the world, and making sure gifts would arrive in a timely fashion, but she did it with ease and finesse and was brilliant in her timely arrival of all emails. I loved how she checked in with us to be sure we’d sent and our packages had arrived as well. Just a huge amount of work, you were amazing Marlene. Thank you!!

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