Little Treasures July and August — Coming

2014-LT07I know you’ve been waiting sew sew patiently for me to post July’s block. I just realized this evening that my post from last month didn’t post, so now I’m just going to apprise you of why you have no blocks. Their is no really great excuse, ever since I started this BOM, I’ve just had no success in getting them added on time each month. Last month was no exception. I had to send my Viking machine away to Rome to be fixed. It’s taken until this past Friday to return home. I could not sew whatsoever during the month. Yes, I have my Brother, but I absolutely do not like doing normal sewing on that machine of any kind and plus I don’t know the sewing side of the machine to stitch out properly on. If you know anything about sewing machines, you know you can’t just start sewing without some knowledge on getting the settings properly on these machines today. I also do not have the necessary foot to do the blind stitch.

I am hoping to have the blocks up tomorrow (Tuesday August 5, 2014) but I really expect it’s going to be Wednesday or Thursday before I get them done. Now that my Viking is home, I need to reset it up. It came home Friday night, but I haven’t been able to touch it all weekend due to obligations we had over the weekend. The blocks are cut out, ready to sew, and if all goes well, I can finish the documentation and post on time, but if I have an fixes that need to be done, their will be a delay.

The following is a preview of the August block…

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Little Treasures Released for May, and June 2014


I do apologize sincerely for the lateness in it’s arrival. If I’d given it some thought in April, I think I would have noted that I was skipping May, simply because I knew it was going to be a busy month. As well, my internet connection steadily got worse, so much so that even when my sister and her friend from England were here, we couldn’t even do an online check in until we were leaving for the airport.

My connection has been somewhat fixed, while it’s not perfect, it is 95% better than what it has been for these last few months. I logged my connection all of last week for my provider and that’s the reason that this block didn’t even get up last week like I would have wanted to do and that’s because in the week that I was logging, I had just over 200 dropped connections where it went up and down, while most were for seconds or minutes at a time, quite a few ended up being for hours at a time, so unfortunately I couldn’t even get these lessons written. Everytime I went to upload an image alone my connection went down. It was more frustrating than it was inconvenient. So I’ve been working on these pages for three days now getting them up, perfected and ready to release. I still have some tutorials to do, but they won’t affect anyone who actually makes these blocks should anyone be making some at all.

I hope you enjoy the blocks and have a look at the Bonus block to.


Little Treasures June 2014

2014-04Today I present you with June’s Little Treasures block and this is probably one of my favorites so far. Simple and fun, but what I love the most about it is the green color I chose for the dress and lollipop. Who wouldn’t love that hat either. I just think it’s such a fun fun block. I hope you will enjoy it to. Oh I know this sample block here doesn’t show the green, this one is shown in pink colors, but when I was making mine, I simply grabbed green fabric, so check out the sample below. :)

The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics.

This design was created in Electric Quilt v7Bernina Designer Plus Software, Make The Cut Software along with Brother Canvas.

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