A year later… WoW!!!

number_1_at_craftsy-wowOne year ago today, I participated in the Super Powers Blog Hop.. it has amazed me ever since that a block I added to Craftsy has remained in the top 10 downloads for the Embroidery section of the site. It hasn’t always been in the top 10, but at least once a month or so I will see it in the top 10 downloads.

I was adding Little Treasures for October and November last night and noticed that it was at the top of the downloads list.. To say I was surprised was an understatment.

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Little Treasures December 2014 Released

LT12It hasn’t been easy to post this one… The last one in my 2014 Block of the Month series.

While I may post bonus blocks from time to time, this is the official last one in the series.

No tutorials with this one, although it is probably one of the more difficult blocks to put together, I’ve already covered everything in previous blocks, so if their is something you need to learn you’ll find that info in my Tutorials section.

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Have A Latte Starts Here…

Have A Latte

I’ve been looking forward to this blog hop since I first signed up for it.

I absolutely LOVE coffee, with my cream and my Equal.. I’m set to go. I am not a one cup coffee drinker, or just a two, I don’t do caffeine free coffees either. I drink easily a pot of coffee a day. We have a Kuerig and I have my first cup with the Kuerig first thing in the morning while I set the coffee pot to brew. My favorite coffee is Donut House Coffee, but I’m also fond of Folgers Black Silk.

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EQ Seasons Row Along Coming Soon…

EQ Seasons Row Along

Do you LOVE Row Quilts?

I hope you will join us.

A fun new Quilt Along is coming your way.

You do not need to own Electric Quilt to create your quilt along with us.

We have twenty great quilt designers participating to create “rows” of a quilt for quilting along with us.

Not only will our designers provide a pattern for you, but we will also be featuring Electric Quilt tutorials on our day to help you with your future projects in creating quilts with Electric Quilt.

This Row Along is being hosted at Seams To Be Sew by Marian Pena

Marian’s Assistant Helpers Are:

Amy Warner From Sew Incredibly Crazy


Bea From Be A Quilter

Sponsors are Electric Quilt and Northcott Fabrics

If you would like to sponsor a give away for this Row Along, please contact Marian Pena via my contact us form.

If your quilting along with us, we will have give aways during the six-week progress of this row along.

Each week, several designers will be featured each offering patterns for a row of the quilt in various seasons of the year.

You get to choose which rows you would like to create for your quilt.

PDF patterns will be offered for you to create your row with for each designer.

Some designers will also offer the PJ7 file for Electric Quilt.

I plan to have a linky day so you can show us your progress.

I also hope to figure out flickr so we can see your progress also.


Chocolate Bunnies Easter 2015

Stbs-Girl BunnyI am very disappointed in myself for not getting Little Treasures done in time yesterday. I’ve no excuse, I just plain got distracted and was doing other things last week that took me away from working on the last block. When I finally started working on it sunday, my mind was so boggled, I couldn’t remember how to do this, or that, and I ended up cutting the fabrics in the wrong way. One cut was with the right side on the top of the mat, and the other with the right side on the bottom of the mat. Suffice it to say, I need to recut the block and basically just start over with the cutting and sewing. I expect it to be done before friday this week, but am shooting for Friday the 27th at this point. I am very sorry.

In the meantime, I created this block for you earlier this month and I hope you will enjoy it. It is my Easter gift for 2015.

The artwork was a free gift from JW Illustrations.

The pattern was created in Electric Quilt.

**** Download Link Fixed ****

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Tree Bird Blog Hop – Welcome

Bird Tree Blog HopWelcome to the Tree Bird Blog Hop today at Seams To Be Sew.

I’m so happy to see you today.

I’d like to thank Lana at It Seams To Be Sew, Madam Samm at Sew We Quilt, and Elizabeth’s Studio’s for this absolutely beautiful collection called Beautiful Birds.

I love these fabrics, I wish I’d bought more of them to be honest. So many wonderful uses for them and a beautiful panel to match it also.

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