Little Treasures October & November

Little Treasures October Hi Everyone, I know I am running very late, far later than I’d anticipated. So many things going on and so little time to give the proper time to Little Treasures. However, I have been working on these dolls for the last week now, and October and November are almost ready to be posted. I thought I’d keep you aprised of what’s been going on so you know they are coming.

Since my participation in last months blog hop, I have had issues with my embroidery machine, and then my computer itself. I’ve been crazy trying to get everything figured out. While I consider myself somewhat knowledgable about computers, sometimes some things go wrong that are just beyond my comprehension. As a for instance, I have 3 hard drives on my desktop. (I use a desktop, I don’t own a cell phone) I don’t use my laptop as it just doesn’t have enough ram necessary for me to work comfortably. So, two of those hard drives all of a sudden started acting like the one I lost last April/May, they’d disappear, and reappear when I would restart the desktop. In other words, not a reboot, I had to shut it off and turn it back on to get them to show up. So I realized I needed to get some of the data backed up quickly. So I started working on that, ordered two new drives to replace the ones I was losing and hoped I wouldn’t lose anything while I waited for the new ones. Turns out, that it wasn’t the drive that was the problem, but the cables hooking the hard drive to the motherboard. I didn’t even discover it until I went to place the new drives in the desktop and one of the drives wouldn’t show up at all. So, what a hassle, I certainly hope that 2015 brings less pc problems and more time for sewing. Anyway, since getting my pc put back together, I’ve been working on the dolls and trying to get them finished. I am really hoping to have them online by wednesday of this week. We will see, I will put both October and November up at the same time, and next week should be December’s block.

Would you like a sneak peek at November’s block? Check it out…

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Twas The Night Before Starts & Arrives Today…

TwasthenightbuttonIt’s that time here again at Seams To Be Sew.. Welcome To Twas The Night Blog Hop, brought to us by Sew We Quilt and our cheerleader for this hop is Marlene.

I can’t possibly imagine all the work Marlene had herself in for with this hop. Coordinating all those regions of the world, and making sure gifts would arrive in a timely fashion, but she did it with ease and finesse and was brilliant in her timely arrival of all emails. I loved how she checked in with us to be sure we’d sent and our packages had arrived as well. Just a huge amount of work, you were amazing Marlene. Thank you!!

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Twas The Night Before Blog Hop Coming Tomorrow…

TwasthenightbuttonTomorrow is a big day for many of us who are participating and visiting other blogs.

What a fun hop this has been to participate in. making small gifts for others participating in the hop also.

I am participating in this hop and it’s funny how things happened, no sooner did I finish my projects for this hop and I started to finish up October’s Little Treasures did my Brother Ult 2001 break down. :/ Fortunately, unlike my Viking from back in July, I found a Brother dealer here on Sicily, so the machine is in the shop and waiting for the part to arrive. I am hopeful it will be here soon. Either or, below is the schedule for Twas The Night. I’m on the first day, along with who I sent to, and who sent to me, so it’s going to be kinda cool to see all 3 of us post on the same day. Be sure to stop in and see us and join the blog hop daily to see all the great ideas that I’m sure we’re going to see. I can tell you, every single blog hop always gives me some inspiration and ideas and I really enjoy participating in them and visiting the different blogs.

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Black Cat Crossing Schedule..

Black Cat Crossing

Soon it will be friday, which is my day to show my project. If your here today to see mine, you may have seen I was originally on one of the schedules for this to be my day. It is not my day. Friday the 31st is my day and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to.

The hop so far has been full of fun, please visit each of the sites participating and have a look at the great ideas, the fun projects and the excitement that grows day by day. I look forward to seeing you all on friday.

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Little Treasures September 2014 is Finally Here!!

LT09-1Heya Everyone, How are you doing this month. I had planned to get this up last week for you, but my plans were delayed when I just forgot.. literally, I changed my host, and went to work on the Twas The Night Blog Hop things I needed to finish up so I could ship them out. So with that done and on the way, I was putting everything away when I saw the September block and went.. oh shoot!!! So here it is, and I hope you will enjoy it.

This is a 15-Inch block, created in EQ, and Bernina Designer Plus software. The artwork is from Graphics and Graphics.

I’d also like to share with you Joyce’s finished block. She sent this to me in email a few weeks ago and it tickled me pink to see one of the Little Treasures blocks done by someone else. So please let Joyce know what you think to in the comments below.

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Change Has Occurred!!

Ok, so the nameservers have changed and my new host is seeing me now, I did my first restore on my site and I have to say I am really impressed. Even tho hosts have usually been able to restore my site when something has gone wrong, I still use a Backup plugin for WordPress called UpdraftPlus. It is free, and deserves a nod. While I will still check for the little things I may just be able to get September up later today or possibly tomorrow morning. I’m so excited.

The cool thing about UpdraftPlus is that it takes my backup, uploads it to my Dropbox folder for me, and allows me to keep a pretty current backup. I took a backup the night prior to my changing hosts so that my backup would be current, even tho it had done a backup only a few days prior. Once I changed hosts, I uploaded via ftp that backup to my new host, and did a restore, and my site came through it looks like with flying colors. I do feel it’s necessary still to do a few checks through the site, but I bet all is well and I couldn’t be more happy about that. Usually when you change hosts, it can be a nightmare. For something that is free, I’d be willing to give them some money just for not making it stressful. :)

Let me know what you think, I actually think the site loads alot faster now than it did before and if you have previously visited me, you might “feel” it. I know the word feel is odd, but literally, when your having problems on your pc, you just can “feel” the issue because it’s like having a fight with your mouse.. LOL

To Rachel, I’m sorry, your comment got lost with the host change, but I did receive it in my email, and yea, I just finally got fed up, and there are so many good hosting solutions out their and really nothing wrong with the old host, they offer 24/7 support, the prices are good, I never had issues with bandwidth or space, but it’s suppose to be a wordpress host, and they tout themselves as that, but they aren’t doing a good enough job for me anyway, so I decided it was time to just make the move. It’s not fun to have to visit tech support each time you go to work on your site and that’s literally what I was having to do and I’ve developed sites for years without having to visit tech support, so it is just not something I’m use to doing. The host I had prior to this last one I left because I had a site with Joomla on it, and Joomla had updated to version 3 at the time. However, that host was not ready to do the necessary changes (which was a php update) in order for there customers to update to version 3 of Joomla, so consequently after waiting just under a year for them to change, I left to upgrade my Joomla for that site, and consequently created my blog instead. LOL